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Liene Meldere
Liene MeldereExport Specialist

International trade is much more exciting and challenging than trade in domestic market. Exportis a challenge, persistence and success! Liene can inspire, motivate and prove that Latvian products are capable of conquering exportmarkets. MOTIO Incubatorcompanies have successfully started their activities in Kazakhstan, Baltic and Scandinavian markets. Working with young entrepreneurs, Liene reminds words of international market conqueror and Body Shop founder A. Roddick: “If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room…”

Santa Krūmiņa
Santa KrūmiņaFinancing Attraction Specialist

She knows how to attract financing for any project. If you need money – ask Santa! European Union funds, Norwegian financial instrument, Crowdfunding, European Commission support, Emission quote auctioning instrumentand other funding sources are Santa’s speciality. In turn, such companies as SIA Valpro, AS Valmieras Stikla Šķiedra, AS Olainfarm, RīgaMunicipal Agency Rīgas Gaisma and others thank Santa for attracting the financing.

Jānis Blate
Jānis BlateEvent Manager

Jānis challenges young entrepreneurs to follow words of literary innovatorHenry James: “It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined!” Thanks to Jānis’ energy and creative spirit, MOTIOIncubator regularly organizes various networking events, workshops, investor breakfasts and other activities, where start-up and other interested can get inspiration, knowledge and new influences to achieve their goals!

Raitis Putnāns
Raitis PutnānsStrategic Planning Expert

Raitis likes chess! This is a game that trains grey substance of our brains, this is a game to be always ready for unexpected, this is a game to foresee unexpected, this is a game to read opponent’s mind. Chess is like business, where strategy plays a key role, in order to make progress and overcome competitors.

Ieva Kalvāne
Ieva KalvāneStart-Up Project Co-Ordinator

Ieva brings to MOTIO Incubatorenergy, joviality and inspires with her life motto proving that success is a sum of small efforts repeated every day! Ieva is a guide for young enterprises in the world of possibilities of MOTIO Incubator.

Signe Štolcere
Signe ŠtolcereAccounting and Tax Advisor

Tax planning starts already after founding a company. Efficient division of own resources and obligations is a guarantee of successful work.Signewill answer and solve any question related to accounting and taxes.

Kaspars Bužinskis
Kaspars BužinskisFinancial Management Consultations

Cash flow for the company is like blood circulation for a human body, therefore, correct management thereof is invaluable. Profitability, liquidity, capital structure, creditors, debtors… All this factors in a company’s organism must be managed, in order to generate positive financial outcomes as a result. Kaspars meticulously manages these processes and is always ready to share his knowledge with others.

Lāsma Ozoliņa
Lāsma OzoliņaPublic Relations Advisor

Flawless language can bring personal freedom, huge success and plenitude. It can take away all fears and turn them into joy and love.Lāsmamakes communication between the company and the customer inspiring for life and success!

Eidis Putnāns
Eidis PutnānsLegal Consultations

Instead of reviewing each legal issue separately, Eidissolves every problem taking into account a complex nature of commercial activities and important goals of every company.

Persons who inspire us and whom we learn from – mentors:

  • Digna Čudare, SIA Digitours
    Abundance of energy, magnet for people, born leader – these three properties characterize Digna Čudare, who already 20 years manages a company that can be proud with experience of international projects. Thanks to Digna’sambitions, SIA Digitours makes joint projects with such countries as Italy, Russia, Turkey, Cyprus, India, Iceland, United Arab Emirates, etc.
    Digna will help with advice how to manage and develop international projects and will give guidelines for creating multicultural business relationship.
  • Mārtiņš Niķis, SIA MIG Baltic, SIA SmartTEH
    Mārtiņš Niķis has 10 years of business experience in creating and managing the company having annual turnover of 1.5 million euro. SIA MIG Baltic is an operating tool production and wholesale company that continues its development by introducing retail stores in Baltic markets. Strategy, time management and persistent work are a key for success of Mārtiņš Niķis’huge business. Personnel management, goal achievementmechanisms, riskmanagement and smart logistics are advice to young companies that get into mentoring programmewith Mārtiņš Niķis.