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MOTIO is completely familiar not only with all the EU Structural Fund programmes, but also with the fundraising possibilities provided by several other support mechanisms: Horizon 2020, the financial instrument of Norway, the financial instrument of the European Economic Area (EEA), the state-planned Emission Allowance Auctioning Instrument (EKII) support etc.

We believe that funding can be attracted to every good idea.

We help with the following in the EU Structural Fund and other support instrument attraction:

  • an appropriate support program matching;
  • project application development in accordance with the funding reception requirements;
  • development of the necessary accompanying documents (business plan, financial statement, technical and economic substantiation, etc. )
  • procurement procedure organizing;
  • project implementation document development (development of interim reports, final reports, payment requests);
  • consultations regarding funding reflection in bookkeeping, publicity requirements, project amendments, etc.).

MOTIO will facilitate your way to the set goal – from the project till the result!