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Liene Meldere
Liene MeldereMember of the Board

Liene has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in fundraising and international project management. Under the guidance of Liene more than 500 projects in different economic sectors have been prepared and supported with the total value of more than 100 million EUR.

Liene has obtained a Master`s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (MSc) that characterizes her creative and success-oriented thinking. In cooperation with Liene the clients find solutions for support receiving also in seemingly complicated and non-standard situations

Santa Krūmiņa
Santa KrūmiņaMember of the Board

Santa has accumulated more than 6 years of experience in fundraising, working with the EU Structural Funds and several other support instruments. Santa has developed projects for such well-known enterprises as Valpro LTD, Valmieras stikla šķiedra JSC, Olainfarm JSC,  Riga Municipality Agency Rīgas gaisma, etc.Santa`s fundraising portfolio is comprised of more than 250 approved projects of the total value exceeding 60 million EUR.

Her practical knowledge is supplemented by the Master`s Degree in Entrepreneurship Management (MSc). Santa is characterized by competence and enormous work enthusiasm. Her smile and positive attitude are very important factors for her clients.At the moment Santa is getting ready for running her first half marathon distance.

Raitis Putnāns
Raitis PutnānsProject Manager

Raitis has accumulated more than 5 years of experience in fundraising and financial management. He has an explicit entrepreneurial thinking which is supplemented by excellent finance planning skills. That is why Raitis is mainly responsible for business plan and financial statement preparation. Altogether he has developed more than 300 business plans and technical and economic substantiations in different economic sectors.

During the school years Raitis  was an honorous pupil. At the moment that perfecly reflects in his characteristics: inquisitiveness, meticulousness and conscientiousness. His higher academic accomplishment is his Master`s Degree in Financial Management. At the moment Raitis is considering PhD studies to transfer his experience and accumulated knowledge to others.


  • Anete Šēnberga –the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA)
  • Veronika Šaporenko –Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)
  • Oskars Priede – Green Technology Incubator


  • Freya LTD– building, technical projects, and solutions
    Director Jurijs Miščenko |
  • CapoLTD – building, energy audit reports, technical surveys, projecting
    Head and certified energy auditor Modris Laicāns |